Infrastructure Products

Our extensive ranges of products are manufactured to the highest quality and standards providing the best solutions available to the market today. Long-lasting, corrosion resistant and easy to install.

HDPE Pipes

HDPE Pipe is widely used in water mains and reticulation systems in municipal applications as well as for gas distribution, effluent and waste water.

Compression Fittings

Polypropylene compression fittings are for use with HDPE pipes dedicated to fluid reticulation. They can be used in civil water reticulation systems, irrigation systems and a wide variety of plant engineering installations. Pressure ranges are up to PN16.

Electrofusion Fittings

Electrofusion fittings & Welding systems are considered a highly effective and safe method of joining Polyethylene pipes and fittings together as long as there is compatibility of melt flow index and raw material density.

Fabricated Fittings

– Pipe Fittings can be manufactured from HDPE pipes in a wide variety of sizes and pressure classes but mostly from 75mm Outside Diameter upwards and PN 6 or higher.

Butt weld

Butt-fusion jointing is a thermo-fusion process which involves the simultaneous heating of the ends of two components which are to be joined until a melt state is attained on each contact surface.

Electrofusion Welding Machines

Electrofusion Welding Machines are safe to use and presents a high level
of performance as long as the preparation and assembly instructions are carried out correctly.

Buttweld Machines

Butt Weld Machines are commonly used in the civil industry from 110mm upwards. Quality of butt welding directly depends on the operator’s ability, quality of equipment and related manufacturer’s instructions to ensure good secure welding joints.

Technical Support

Afripipes Kenya quality product offering combined with our value-added services
comprising of product training, on-site support ensures that the best QMS practice is implemented, thus safeguarding the quality of future product installations.