Telecommunication Products

Our extensive ranges of products are manufactured to the highest quality and standards providing the best solutions available to the market today. Long-lasting, corrosion resistant and easy to install.

Sub Ducts

Extensively used where traditional cables are hauled into ducts as well as providing duct space for the future.


Used where blow-able fibre optic cables are installed, both indoor and outdoor as well as LZOH products

Bundeld Ducts

The current technology of most major operators, the bundled ducts allow for network deployment and expansion at minimal cost

Duct accessories

Connectors, End Caps, End Stops… all the accessories you require to guarantee the integrity of your network asset.

Hand Holes

Are used in underground systems where personnel entry is not required for installation or servicing of telecommunication fibre. The vaults are usually not more than 48 square cm and 48 cm inside depth.

Man Holes

Are used for an access point to join cables and access pipes etc. Man holes are larger than hand holes and are secured with covers that can be exposed to light or heavy traffic loading.

Warning Tapes

Warning tape or barricade tape that is used to warn or catch the attention of passers-by of an area or situation containing a possible hazard. Afripipes Kenya offers variety of warning tape in different widths, thicknesses and colours.

Telecommunication Closures

Horizontal or Dome closures are used to protect optical fibres
and splices against a range of environmental changes in aerial installations or blow ground in manholes/hand holes’ vaults.

Solution Building

Our Technical team is ready and available for any consulting needs, our goal is grow and build networks to the highest standards with our customers.