Factors to consider when looking for HDPE pipes and fittings

Factors to consider when looking for HDPE pipes and fittings

HDPE Pipes & fittings recognised in the industry for  zero leak rate, high performance, and long life expectancy.

These unique features make HDPE pipes & fittings the best option for various applications like:Sewer piping systems, Pipeline Rehabilation,Slip Lining,Horizontal and directional Drilling,Geo-Thermal applications etc. The following are some of the application of HDPE Pipes & fittings discussed in detail:

Mining applications

Those who have been observant can note an attitude shift in the choice of construction materials worldwide, with growing preference for products which address our generation’s main priorities – cost and environmental consciousness. This is prominent in the piping industry, in the application of high density polyethylene (HDPE)pipes and fittings in particular.

It is hard to ignore the growing bias towards HDPE pipes and fittings due to their green attributes and comparative cost effectiveness.

A recently concluded study by the South African Plastic Pipes Manufacturers Association (SAPPMA) Technical Committee substantiates the growing appetite for HDPE pipes and fittings as the right products to address current infrastructure development challenges. In general, the study’s findings underline the main benefits that HDPE brings as low energy costs, low environmental impact and reasonably low operation and maintenance costs over products manufactured from other materials.

Highly biodegradable

In fact, one gains a better appreciation about the benefits of HDPE particularly, when ease of recycling and lower energy costs incurred in the recycling process are considered, points out SAPPMA Chairperson, Jan Venter.

“The ability to be recycled with minimal waste significantly reduces environmental pollution, a feature not very prominent in other products,” he notes.

While Construction Review could not be able to gather data from other parts of Africa, information from Plastics South Africa, a non-profit organisation that campaigns for the recycling of plastic products in South Africa, lends substantial credence to the fact that plastic is more recyclable. The organization has noticed an increase in the number of recycled HDPE products.

Just in 2014 for instance, a record 14,000 tonnes of HDPE and Polyvinylchloride (PVC) material was recycled at external facilities, according to the organisation. If you add 8,000 tonnes recycled in-house by manufacturers, the figure goes up to 22,000 tonnes.

It should not be surprising at all that the recycled volumes of HDPE pipes and fittings are much higher.  In comparison to steel and iron the cost of recycling HDPE materials is significantly lower. The SAPPMA report says it would cost four times the energy used to recycle steel or ductile iron than HPDE or other forms of plastic.

Besides, what makes steel pipes tedious to recycle is that they are lined with materials which need to be removed before being recycled. Removing the lining is a convoluted process on its own, which might require more energy.

Indeed, it is apparent that the world is becoming a greener place with the adoption of HDPE pipes and fittings as products of choice, considering their lower carbon footprint. However, if truth be told, HDPE is not toppling steel and ductile iron any time soon, but it is proving a better alternative.

When looking for the best HDPE pipes the following are top factors to consider.

  • The vendor should be one that is connected to the infrastructure industry seamlessly. The more deeply he understands the market, the better products he offers.
  • Always choose a vendor that is associated with the research, development, and production of agricultural products. HDPE pipes are mostly used in the agro-industry. You can find several HDPE pipe manufacturers in Kerala.
  • If the vendor that is preferred by you deals in the domestic items mainly, then you have picked the best one. He understands the needs and expectations of Indian vendors well. Hence, you can expect great products.
  • The vendor is capable of supplying bulk orders. Since the demand is quite large, you should depend on the right company.
  • It is needless to say that quality of the product is a prime trait. Regardless of the range and variety of the pipes you are looking for, the endeavor should be to pick amongst the best HDPE pipe manufacturers in Kerala. A professional company doesn’t fail in delivering world-class products.
  • Check the service record. When a company that honors top-class service is hired, there is seldom a possibility of failure.
  • Competitive pricing is another aspect that is important from the perspective of buyers. Find out a vendor that is flexible in costs but firm in the quality. If you do it, then it is guaranteed that the pipes are of matchless quality.